Join my workshops to connect, create, explore, and learn.

I offer a variety of workshops for individuals, groups, third-sector agencies, and businesses. I design my workshops to meet your specifications but they can include:

  • Mindful photography - an introduction.
  • Mindful photography and nature connection.
  • Series of mindful photography workshops.
  • Participatory photography and film workshops for community groups.
  • Team building workshops - mindful photography, smartphone portrait photography, creating video and photography content for social media channels.
  • Planning, shooting, and editing video.
  • Film workshops in schools and education.


Mindful Photography can provide opportunities to help us find a new way of learning, a way of growing and working towards achieving our goals. Looking at new ways to convey our ideas through photography can help us develop our own personal style and artistic vision.

"It helps me to stay focused and look more positively on the world" Participant

In my mindful photography workshops, we explore what we see through our lens, sharing our images and reflecting on our experience in a safe, and informal way.

I completed my Mindful Photography Practitioner course with Ruth Davey and her Look Again methodology and my  Participatory Photography Facilitation with PhotoVoice. This practice solidified my connection between well-being, nature, creativity, sharing our narrative, and self-discovery. My workshops bring together so many aspects of my learning and passions; Permaculture Design Course, Wellness Recovery Action Planning  (WRAP), Proprioceptive, and free writing/journaling. 

Mindful Photography is a way of exploring your connection to self, friends, and environment and brings the freedom to play without judgment. It can bring feelings of clarity and inspiration and help you explore your story. 

“Wonderful mindful photography session with Kelly this evening. Just what my busy head needed . Some mindful practice - learning to see and off we went 📷 Thank you for giving me a different perspective on things 💕”  VickiKarma Soul Sanctuary



Get creative when documenting your meetings, events, and conferences, learn about light for portrait photography, make a short film to tell your story, or show your products in a new light. My workshops can cover a wide range of photography and video techniques.

Learn about natural light, photography and video techniques, useful equipment, and, how to tell your story through film and photography. Improving how to use your smartphone or tablet to produce and edit your videos and photographs. Build your confidence when creating your visual media. Putting everything into practice without additional equipment but also what to look for when buying accessories for your smartphone.


My participatory photography & video workshops with community and third-sector groups will give them the skills and knowledge to explore, share and shape their story. Encouraging self-development and exploration, and social change on an individual, local, national, and even global level.