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I'm always interested in people and what they do and I love having the opportunity to visually document it in short films or photography. 

I have a variety of photographic experience working with both corporate clients, local businesses and charities. Including clothing, press, events, conferences, headshots and creative portraits. Clients include RBS, The Roy Castle Foundation, Castle Water, BBC and STV.

Over the past 10 years I have worked as a production assistant on programmes such as News Night, Songs of Praise and Children in Need. More recently, on a local level, whilst working at Keathbank Photography with Pete Moran we produced video's for Woman's Aid, Culture Perth and Kinross and The Enchanted Forest 

Working with these mediums together gives consistency and efficiency throughout projects for online marketing and advertising, print format, exhibitions, conferences and events. I have produced video with accompanying photography regularly for Perth and Kinross Council, PKAVS and most recently GrowBiz. 

Video and photography are generally charged in units of time – how long does it take to shoot and edit your project?  So it is worth discussing with us what you want out of the project, so we can help you estimate how long it might take to produce.

As a rough guide for pricing my rates for photography and video are:

£70.00 per hour, £250.00 per half day, £380.00 per day

Editing Stills and Video:

£35.00 per hour, £250.00 per day